Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Double Exposition, Tavi Gevinson, Meadham Kirchhoff & Beginners

Procrastination has been my middle name for the last couple of days, and instead of working on my personal portfolio, sending important e-mails I actually should be sending, or even socializing with the people around me, I have been wandering around the internet, searching for random stuff. Today I spend some time reading about double exposition. The pictures above are done with Photoshop (Yes, it feels like cheating), but I am planning on doing some real double exposition shots either tonight or in the next couple of days. I am also planning on trying out my old analog camera, and the pinhole camera  I did some time ago, and I also wanted to experiment with High Dynamic Range Photography... And sewing, and outfit pictures, and drawing and, and, and...

Anyways, today I got really excited because there was a new post on thestylerookie.com. I really recommend you to watch the video of a conference she did, it's posted on her blog. And if you didn't notice already, this post is mainly inspired by her.

Another thing I have been really excited about is the New Topshop and Meadham Kirchhoff collaboration. I am not sure if I would buy anything of it (to feminine, to many ribbons), but it is a pleasure looking at it anyways.

I also wanted to show you this illustrations from the movie Beginners I fell in love with. Normally I don't talk about movies in my blogposts, primarily because I am not an expert, and also because I try to focus on fashion, but I just kind of wanted to include this. There is a quote that made me fall in love with this film "Our good fortune allows us to feel a sadness our parents didn't have time for. And a happiness I never saw in them." 

And last but not least, and because I am trying to make this blogpost as  random as possible  (and also because I have to admit that I'm going through kind of a hipster phase right now), here is a live video of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.


  1. soo nice! shall we follow by fb and bloglovin?

  2. Wow I love the way you've edited the two first pictures :-)

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  3. Hola, que tengas un lindo mes Navideño, un gusto pasar por tu genial blog, felicitaciones, te invito de forma cordial a que visites en el blog de Boris Estebitan y que leas un poema escrito por mí titulado “El guerrero Pegaso”, puse mucho de mí en ese poema, feliz finde. Tu blog es grandioso, gran trabajo, la moda es toda un arte, andar bien vestido es super importante.

  4. Me encanta Edward Sharpe♥ Los conocí cuando fui a ver una película al Bafici sobre Mumford and Sons.
    Sobre la doble exposición, es mega sencillo y genial. Mi foto preferida hecha con mi cámara lomográfica es una de doble exposición de mi mamá y un mapa de Nueva York. También saqué otras con nubes y pasto y objetos :)


  5. Love the first photos, so cool!
    This is a really great post :)


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