Monday, November 25, 2013

Experiment: The Pinhole Camera

Last weekend I started a pretty interesting experiment: The Pinhole Camera.

You can create a Pinhole camera all by yourself, but I decided to try it out for the first time in a much easier way, just using my DSRL camera and replacing the objective by a pinhole. There are several links on the internet explaining you how to do this, and it is actually really easy and fast: All you need is a thick cardboard, some aluminum foil, black paint and something to make a hole into the cardboard (I used a nail).

Here are good links explaining how to do this:

They always tell you to use your body cap and make a hole into it, but I really didn't want to "destroy" my only body cap, so I just tried it out with a cardboard and surprisingly, it works.

The size of the pinhole I did was about 3mm, but I am planning to try different pinhole sizes in the future, since the only thing I am going to need is different cardboards. I took all the pictures on a very sunny day and when the sun was the highest, but I think it is also possible to take the pictures with less light if you experiment a little bit with the pinhole size, ISO and shutter speed. The pictures are all a little blurred and I am sure you can have much better results if you experiment a little bit more, so (hopefully) much better pictures are coming soon! 

P.D. Para los que vivan en Buenos Aires: Aviso medio a ultimo momento, pero mañana a las 19.00 hs es el desfile de muestra de mi Universidad en el Centro Metropolitano de Diseño (CMD). En el caso que haya alguien interesado en venir, pongan un comentario y podemos arreglar para que les mande la invitación! :)


  1. Uy que bueno! Lastima que es martes y no puedo. Sino me tenias ahi enseguida!

  2. En el colegio, hace dos años, hicimos una cámara estenopeica! ( si no me equivoco es la misma)
    Quedó buena, y es super fácil de hacer. Me imagino que con una cámara real los resultados deben ser excelentes. Las fotos quedaron super lindas para ser la primera vez, quiero ver cómo seguis jugando!

    Suerte mañana!

  3. Quería hablarte para ir pero me queda tan lejos *sobs*. Yo llego a hacerle algo así a mi cámara y tengo tanta mala suerte que seguro la rompo... Me gustan los resultados, particularmente la primera!
    Mortem Blonde