Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Hand chain piece.

I wanted to do a chain hand piece like that for a while now, but I never came around it. So, here is my version. I think I will try to do also one in gold with another kind of stones (cristal stones maybe?), there are a lot of different variations of this.

Things you will need:
Two different kind of silver chains (a bigger, and a smaller, darker one)
Silver ring (craft store)
Silver jump rings, a clasp and some kind of stone/bead/gem you like

1- Attach the stone to the ring
2 -Measure the wrist chain
3- Attach the clasp to the wrist chain
4- Measure the top hand chain and attach it to the ring and to the wrist chain
5- Attach theh darker, smaller chain forming a pyramid shade

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